Why Won’t My House Sell In Chicago?

why wont my house sell

Trying to sell your home fast? There is nothing worse than trying to sell a property that just won’t sell in Chicago. This comes with a lot of uncertainty, emotional turmoil especially if you wanted to dispose of the house soon, and doubt that tells you maybe you’ll never come across someone who is genuinely interested in the property. 

Despite constant advertising of the real estate market heating up with record-setting prices, there are instances why won’t my house sell in Chicago.

3 Likely Reasons Why You Can’t Sell Your Home Fast

When you’ve listed your Chicago house for sale, you expect to hear back from buyers within the first 30 days. But in case you don’t, here are a few reasons why you can’t sell your home fast:

1. The price is too high

This is the most common reason why won’t my house sell in Chicago. Unfortunately, most sellers price their houses too high. According to a research report by Top Agent, over 50% of agents found that resisting the temptation to overprice is a big challenge that sellers face. 

While pricing a home is tricky, there are many ways to determine your market value. A realtor will point out an ambitious asking price. You can also listen to feedback from potential buyers and readjust accordingly. 

2. Your home is on the other end of the spectrum

You may think that because your home is huge and luxurious, it will find a buyer easily. However, there are homes that take longer to sell in Chicagoland because they are waiting to be matched to the “perfect” buyer. 

For instance, a home with two living rooms may sell quickly or may take longer to sell. Such homes need a unique marketing strategy that could reach buyers with specific needs.

3. Your staging is bad

Wondering what staging has to do with selling your house? Staged homes have proven to sell quicker than vacant homes. HomeLight researchers agree that 83% of staged homes get photographed by buyers in comparison to vacant homes. 

This is because the staged home lets them picture an arrangement of their own things. With a vacant home, it’s difficult to envision what will go into the space. 

Tips That Will Help You
Sell Your Home Fast

tips to sell a house in Chicago

If you’ve been searching for tips to sell a house, then you are in the right place. These are a few things you could do to ensure you sign the selling contract sooner rather than later:

Tips to sell a house #1 Get help

You cannot do it all by yourself. Selling a house is not just about putting up great ads. It comes with intricacies like house inspections and selling advice from a realtor who knows what to do to get you a closing deal quickly. 

If you take on the process by yourself, you may not necessarily know how to go about it. As your real estate is one of the most important investments that you have, why not entrust it to the care of a professional? This way, you will get more out of the process.

Tips to sell a house #2 Minimize the improvements

Your realtor will let you know that your house needs to be in good condition in order to sell.  But they will also tell you that subtle improvements are enough. You don’t need to tear down half the structure rebuild it; fixing that broken faucet, replacing a pipe or the window panes will make a statement of good maintenance. 

Get rid of your clutter of ideas and think “neutral” when it comes to making improvements. Remember, even with the best craftsmanship and creative artistry, it is difficult to succeed in what the market is offering.

Only make necessary improvements to show that you’ve been a responsible homeowner. Once the renovation is complete, call for a professional home inspection that will give you the nod or pinpoint areas that are still problematic. This will come in handy when it comes to encouraging future owners to make a purchase. 

Tips to sell a house #3 Focus on style and design

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Without good curb appeal, you may lose out on important buyers. The outside of your home should reflect the inside. A great curb side gives the impression of great style. 

By planting a few flowers and painting the walls, and keeping things clean, your property will be eye-catching. Instead of making the upgrades yourself, call on a professional and they will transform your property.

Tips to sell a house #4 Have a distinct style and design

Many property buyers would be attracted to a property that’s unique in its own way to one that’s not. They say that good things are self-advertising. When you add a touch of style and design to your property, chances are that it will remain embedded in the buyers’ minds. 

Pick out a chic chandelier and add bright accent lights to your patio. With details like these, you can never go wrong when it comes to making a first impression. 

Tips to sell a house #5 Price wisely      

If you are overpricing your house, you most likely won’t get any buyers. Why would they pay double for what your house is worth where they could get an even bigger house at the same price? This is why pricing is important. 

A real estate professional will take all factors into consideration and come up with an appropriate, fair, and acceptable price for your property. 

There’s no magic formula that will make your house sell quicker than anticipated. But with these tips and tricks, you will sell your home fast Chicago

Why Won’t My House Sell Summary   

If you’ve been asking — why won’t my house sell, the aforementioned pointers will guide you through the selling process. If you’ve been showing off a vacant home, stage it. If the asking price is too high, consult a realtor who will help you get to a happy medium. 

Most importantly, if you’ve been on the fence about making upgrades for a better presentation, it’s time to take the plunge and set yourself up for success. No matter how long it takes, don’t give up. By following the right steps, you will be a happy seller. 

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